People are motivated to behave in a particular way because they receive some extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. Extrinsic rewards are received from the environment, while intrinsic rewards are derived from a sense of accomplishment, competence, and autonomy over one’s work. Related to motivation and performance is the stress that the job creates. Stressors can be positive motivating factors, such as the ability to accomplish a challenging task in order to be rewarded (either intrinsically or extrinsically), and negative motivating factors, such as the inability to meet job task requirements. Explain how being paid may or may not have a negative effect on performance based on intrinsic motivation. On the basis of your experience, give examples from school or work that worked as intrinsic motivators for you. Describe the factors that contribute to job satisfaction for most workers and explain if these factors are entirely under the control of the organization. Work overload, deadlines, and difficult bosses or coworkers are just some work-related stressors. Based on your own experiences describe some other type of negative stressors. Explain why organizations should be concerned about employee stress. Along with that explain why it is important for organizations to look at the broad picture of an individual¬ís total stress rather than focusing only on stress derived from work. Finally, explain how organizations can decrease negative stressors. no minimum just cover in detail with references -research paper writing service