Explain the concept of the time value of money and how it is related to the opportunity costs of a college education, both while attending college and after graduation.

2. From time to time, a flat income tax has been proposed by various politicians at both the state and federal levels (e.g., in Arizona a flat income tax was proposed in a legislative session in 2011). The concept is that there would be few or no exemptions and that all would therefore be carrying their fair, equitable tax burden. What do you feel concerning such a proposal? Provide at least two references to support your position.

3.What are the six planning tools and techniques discussed in the textbook? Using an example from your experience (as a student or at work), describe how you could use one of the techniques or tools to improve planning in your future. You may choose to apply your response to a specific goal in answering this question.

4. The two segments of the organization’s environment are general and specific. Using an organization for which you are familiar, identify the factors that operate in each. Why is it important to understand an organization’s environment?