Heading Heading Heading 4 Heading S Font Paragraph Styles 1.5.6 4 PART 1: THEORY APPLICATION QUESTIONS (20 marks) Suggested time: 30 minutes 1. Suppose that you are the Quality Manager at MoMo Restaurant in Muaklek. Recently, customers are unsatisfied with the food and service. Draw a Fishbone Diagram for this and identify the 4Ms causes and their branches (at least 3 reasons for each M). (8 marks) (Suggested time: 10 minutes) I 2. Identify ways to improve labor productivity in a glass manufacturing companies (producing glass bottles) and briefly explain each point. (4 marks) (Suggested time: 10 minutes) 3. In your own words, briefly list down strategies that Farm Coffee Shop in Muak Lek can improve the quality of its service. The more creative answers, the more points you will get. (8 marks) (Suggested time: 10 minutes) EB PO ?