Please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns at all.

I have attached the instructions file as well as the links for the readings in PDF form from every week of classes so far.

Please use 5 in-text citations for 5 different points/paragraphs or 6 in-text citations for 3 different points. The quotes can be from either the weekly lectures provided or the readings links provided.


In-text citations: An in-text source citation with page numbers should be provided for all information you have gathered. It is perfectly acceptable to add a citation at the end of each sentence or paragraph. In-text source citation example: (Sinclair, 2003: 22-3), or if you have used two authors in your sentence or paragraph, cite your sources using this format (Sinclair,

2003: 134; Klein, 2000: 178). No quotations are permitted in this exercise, but you may paraphrase (use your own words), adding in-text citations.


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