You will use the portfolio attached and the outcomes of an online Personality Profile tool ( ) as the basis to develop a

1. Personal Development Plan(template attached) and

2. Commentary (3,000 words) which clearly demonstrates how your future actions are linked to the gaps, theoretical and personal,

identified in the gap analysis. You will need to evaluate the current developments in recruitment and the requirements for

successful employability. This evaluation needs to include how you can utilize feedback from telephone, video and one to one

interviews and pitch competition activities to make timely and successful applications for real employment opportunities.Via a reflective review of your learning experiences, and a critical evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses,

construct an achievable personal development plan to address knowledge and personal attribute gaps within your

remaining study time before graduation.

The skills report and the 16 Personalities profiles must be used to guide your writing on the 3,000 words commentary. You should select the sections of the documents you are writing about and attach them at the end of the 3,000 words as Appendix 1 (16 Personalities Profile) and Appendix 2 (sections from Skills Audit task – template attached).


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