Stroke case study


Mary, a 65-year old woman with a 15-20 years history of hypertension, attends a physiotherapy centre 3 times

a week because of her osteoarthritis. She is a retired teacher, widowed and lives alone in two-bedroom


The staff at the physiotherapy centre had called her daughter Gloria after Mary had not arrived at the centre

that morning.

Gloria had spoken to her mum at 8:30pm on the phone the night before and reported no concerns. However,

when she arrived at Mary’s house at 11:00am, found her mum still in bed and unable to speak. Gloria

immediately called an ambulance as her mum had a right facial droop, speech problems and right sided

weakness affecting the right arm more than right leg. Mary was then admitted to the acute stroke unit via

accident and emergency.

Identify the part/area of the brain affected by the stroke. Then describe and discuss

the type of stroke and damage caused to the brain, symptoms experienced by Mary, how she will be

assessed at the stroke unit and the treatments that she may get.


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