Your assignment is to select an IMC campaign and conduct an analysis for the selected campaign in a critical, evaluative approach. The goal of this assignment is to analyse the success or failure of a specific recent campaign ( from the past 3 years) and the brand’s communication in a selected country, critically evaluating if the brand achieved its goal with this IMC. You are expected to make suggestions and provide ideas for improvement to various aspects of the IMC campaign. In your essay, you are expected to make references to how the brand was established and positioned to suit a chosen market. You should assess the sources of brand equity, evaluate if the IMC contributed to an improvement of the brand equity, and suggest ways to improve and leverage the brand equity.

You are encouraged to select a brand and an IMC campaign for which public information is readily available and the assignment should be based entirely on information from public or secondary sources, such as company websites, published reports, academic journals, and valid news channels as well as your own professional experiences and insights. Extensive use of appendices is expected for this essay. Link to YouTube videos, tables, graphs, images, screenshots, etc should be placed in the appendix section. Reference all claims and arguments, as there is no general knowledge and every piece of information should be backed by citations.


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