Part 1:

It is needed to discuss and analyse thoroughly an emerging/contemporary issue in the field of management ( Employee well-being is the issue). The analyses should include information from various sources and our own viewpoint. It is important that those clarify why the issue is contemporary.

Part 2:

We should select a firm that is affected by the issue and after presenting the firm it is needed to describe the actions taken ( strategies and tactics adopted) in order to address the issue chosen.

The structure must be done as below:

Table of contents

Introduction( what is the issue, why is it important for management and why is it considered emerging.

Presentation of the issue( analyses based on research and literature)

Case study firm( presentation of the firm, how the firm is affected by the issue, strategies and tactics adopted.

Conclusion( eye to the future).

References( must be done by google scholar, Harvard referencing style)

Please the plagiarism level must not be more than 8-12%. Everything must be done by scratch except the cited ones.


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