Today’s children and adults are exposed to many positive and negative items on the internet. We, as a society are banking on line, getting degrees online, socializing online, breaking up relationships online, playing video games globally, posting personal information and even exposing our private lives online. People are become obsessed with taking “Selfies” with their smart phones. Sites like “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Instagram”, “Snapchat”, “You Tube”, and “Tik Tok” provide forums for individuals to express personal views and even voice their political thoughts (positive or negative) to the cyberworld. Even criminals cannot resist posting their crimes, and law enforcement uses it to catch them. There is the “Dark Web” where one can link to others with violent thoughts or malevolent purposes. People can speak their minds, and say anything they want, with no fear of social sanctions. The social comments people make can make or break individuals or businesses. Protest mobs can rally quickly for a political cause.


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