I need a paper that is about the movie ELF. Please follow my instructions very carefully. As the last paper, I ordered got me a failing grade. I will upload my notes on how this paper needs to be written but I will also explain the outline needed for the paper. For the intro, I need it to grab the reader’s attention. I do not need it to be a summary of the movie. I need it to grab the reader’s attention. Then I need the thesis statement to be the last sentence of the intro and here’s my thesis statement “According to the “Elf”, the only path to success is through embracing bourgeois values”. This paper needs to be about at least 4 strong characters from the movie. I’ve included each bourgeois value and the definition. In each body paragraph, I need that paragraph to be about each character and each of these 3 bourgeois values and I need each body paragraph and sentence to back up my thesis. The 1st body paragraph needs to be about the least strongest character. And this paragraph needs to start with which of the bourgeois values is the character’s strongest, then the 2nd strongest, then 3 the least strongest. Then the next paragraph needs to be whichever character relates the BEST to the 1st character you write about in the 1st body paragraph. Once you start the 2nd body paragraph, the first sentence will be their strongest bourgeois value and it’ll be the same bourgeois value as the last bourgeois value in the previous paragraph. In each sentence describing these values that you see in the movie, I need a quote to back it up and if there’s not a good quote then just explain what happened in the scene without telling the story of the movie. So this has to continue till the last body paragraph and this last body paragraph needs to be about the strongest character in the movie. I also need a good conclusion paragraph that finalizes everything you wrote about but it also needs to back up the thesis statement. There will only be 1 source, and that will obviously be the movie. When you cite the quotes in the body paragraph can you please us this “(Elf np)”? So since there are 3 bourgeois values, there needs to be 3 quotes in each body paragraph. In image 3, I’ve included each bourgeois value and the definitions. I also included an example of how the body paragraphs are supposed to look.


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