Powerpoint presentation about the artist – Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Here are some basic guidelines;

I Name of sources

II Brief biography of the artist

a. nationality

b. dates of work, life

c. education

d. style of art

e. media

f. movement in art he/she is most associated with

g. major contribution to the art world, society

h. most famous work of art

III Critique (pick one work)

a. title, date, style, media, size

b. composition

c. design components (line, shape, color, form, texture, light)

d. significance of this work in the artist’s development

e. personal reaction (why did you choose this piece?)

IV How did you learn about this artist and why did you choose him/her?

V Use any other visuals that will help (power point, video clips, skype, etc)


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