The UK’s government is undertaking a study to understand the economic impact of the COVID-19 and the economic response of the government and the central bank. You have been contacted as a consultant of the business environment to present a report to the government by answering the following questions.

1. Using the circular flow of income, explain the main impacts of lockdown on the UK’s economy.

(Approximately 500 words)

2. What are the major the major economic response of the UK’s government and their impacts on the UK’s circular flow of income?

(Approximately 1000 words)

3. Analyse the major responses of the Bank of England and their implications on the UK’s circular flow of income.

(Approximately 500 words)

4. What are the likely impacts of Brexit on the UK’s economy?

(Approximately 500 words)

Notes to Students

Provide Introduction to the report (150 words), Conclusion to the report (150 words) and Recommendations (200 words)


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