Experiment Proposal (750 words)

You have joined the data science team of the company of your dreams. (Choose a well

known _rm such as McDonald’s or Alibaba, and indicate the company in the first sentence

of your answer.) The head of the data science team gives you your first assignment: At our

company, we depend on experimentation to find ways to improve performance. I would like

you to propose and design an experiment to test some strategic aspect of our business. Your

proposal can be related to the company’s user interface, products, customer experience, or

another area of the company.”

You do not need any data nor do you need to run the experiment.

Draft a proposal for your experiment idea. Your response should include the following


1. Identification of the aspect of the business or operations that you would like to test

and its strategic relevance.

2. A description of the overall evaluation criterion (OEC) you will use and a brief justification of the choice.

3. A description of the current implementation (i.e. the control) and your proposed

alternative (i.e. the treatment). Make sure your proposed intervention is clear and be

as creative as you would like in describing it (verbal descriptions, sketches, screenshots,

etc. are all acceptable).

4. What is the population of interest and describe how you would randomly assign sub-

jects of that population into the treatment and control.

5. (1{2 sentences.) The null and alternative hypotheses.

6. What are the policy implications for your company if the null hypothesis is rejected?

What are the implications if the null hypothesis is not rejected?


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