I have provided one resource that contains almost all the information you need for the content of Assignment #2 (i.e. No. 64, Consensus Document on the Biology of the Atlantic Salmon from the Environment Directorate, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) PART I – BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY OF WILD ATLANTIC SALMON). However, you will be required to source your own information for the “Relevance to humans” section of the assignment. For this, you must use the primary literature, reputable book/s or published reports by national/international scientific working groups or government groups. Websites that are not “peer reviewed”, “share” information without providing sources, or simply do not provide source information are typically not acceptable. If you are unsure about the acceptability of other resources, please check with the course director.

(i)Taxonomy (worth 10%)
- Up to date (valid based on the latest scientific consensus) mandatory ranks are required along

with a common name and the authority (with year).

(ii)General morphology (worth 20%)
- Please use Figure 2 in the OECD document provided [i.e. Image of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)]to generate a hand-drawn figure*. The figure must be a labelled drawing of the animal. In a field setting, an animal biologist may only have paper and pencil at hand to make sketches and notes on the morphology of an animal. So, computer/tablet-assisted drawings are not permitted.Identify and label the following structures in your hand-drawn figure:


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