basically, it is a group assignment where we have been given a farm business in the local area Malton and we have been tasked with what new things can be added to the business from a marketing point of view we have split the assignment up between the team and one of the new ideas is to renovate the farm buildings into Air BnBs one being a grade 2 listed building so keep that in mind and renting one of the barns for venues such as parties for weddings or birthdays I would need gross margins to be produced for these two enterprises alwell as what the brief is asking to show to my team as the work that I’m commissioning is just one aspect of the assignment. also to help you on why you would market these enterprises one major key factor is that the farm is situated just up the road from Castle Howard. the farm is on appleton street malton, there will be more info on the files I am providing. please keep in regular contact with me if you have more questions about the assignment. I have also attach previous reports that has been doe on this assignment to give you a feel on how to write it and what marketing jargon that needs to be included. the word count that has been allocated each member of the group is 900-1000 but im paying for 1500 if you wish to write upto that limit. I will also encase photes of the buildings of the farm where the AIR bnbs will be and the events venue.


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