The purpose of this paper is to explore the fundamental epistemological, ontological, ethical, ideological, and philosophical tenants that guide scholarly inquiry as evidenced in a published research study while identifying, defining, and describing your own approach. This assignment will be foundational to the future work you do as a graduate student on either a thesis or a project when you begin to develop your methodological plan. You will be able to build on the work you did for the first two assignments. Again, you are strongly advised to take notes on articles as you review them, attend to the feedback of your colleagues during your facilitated discussion, and construct an outline for your paper before you start writing it. It is recommended that you meet with your professor to discuss your ideas as you contemplate this assignment. This scholarly paper will be written in APA (7 th ed.) format, 6-8 pages in length (excluding references and title page), incorporate at least 10 scholarly references, and include the following components:


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