For each song, you will write up to 500 words about how the song connects to the chosen theme of Prescriptive Stereotypes. For each song, you will be expected to highlight lyrics that illustrate the song’s connection to this theme. You will also be expected to cite course readings and materials to demonstrate the connection between each of your songs and the mixtape’s theme. You may also wish to independently find additional peer-reviewed articles to support any claims or arguments that you make in these components.

The theme of the mixtape will be “Prescriptive Stereotypes”.

The theme of prescriptive stereotypes Is broken into 3 areas of focus:

(1) How women should behave

(2) How women should pursue their goals in terms of work

(3) How women should look

Out of the 3 songs, each one should relate to one of the different broken-down themes. The three songs I have chosen are

1) God Made Girls – RaeLynn (How women should behave)

2) Try – Colbie Caillat (How women should look)

3) Gonna Be An Engineer – Peggy Seeger (How women should pursue work)

Therefore you must explain how the lyrics of each song relates to women’s prescriptive stereotypes corresponding with each category of how women should look, behave and work. Please refer to terms such as occupational segregation, Social role theory, Sexism, Abilities and occupational achievement, beauty standards, societal pressures, body dissatisfaction, etc.

I will attach a file with notes and articles on the course to relate to with each song. Please write 500 words for each song = total of 1500 words.


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