Select one of the special occasion speeches from chapter 9. You may choose: introduction, award presentation, award acceptance, keynote, after dinner speech, commemorative address, eulogy, toast, roast, farewell address or commencement address.

Have an introduction before the speech which should include: your name, type of speech, criteria of that type of speech, location, setting, real or imagined. Show a prop (item or object that goes with the speech).

Follow the formula on p.133.

The conclusion is just one last sentence.

The maximum time limit is 5 minutes, but most of these speeches are much shorter.

Work on dynamic delivery.

Use a prop to go with the presentation. A trophy, picture, coffee mug, diploma, etc. can all be good choices for this. Put the prop in the introduction and show it during the video of the intro.

Check Michael’s student example (p. 137) but refrain from using his words exactly.


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