3-5 page evaluation argument essay. Follow MLA 9th edition w/ works cited page w/ no more than 4 sources including 1 print source.

The goal of the project is to support a stance w/ reasons (criteria) and evidence. The Toulim model of argument should be the pattern you follow, and the appeals- logos, pathos & ethos- should be apparent. The aim of the argument is to convince an audience to assent to your claim, and your claim will be developed in evaluation structure. Therefore, you must identify the function/purpose of the category used for evaluation and the criteria used in the process. Consider the intended audience, their preconcieved ideas, your claim, your reasons, and the evidence you will use to prove your claim (thesis).

The process includes 1. identifying an issue, 2. formulating a claim phrased as an evaluation, 3. prioritizing the criteria, 4. gathering evidence, and 5. applying evidence to the criteria, and drafting the paper.


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