What is the difference between regional specificity and genetic specificity of induction? State some examples.Human biochemical pathways are able to recognize the abnormal cells and tag them for programmed destruction. This process is called apoptosis. Harakiri is a novel regulator of cell death that activates apoptosis. Below is the amino acid sequence of the human harakiri protein (see posted handout with single letter amino acid abbreviation): MCPCPLHRGRGPPAVCACSAGRLGURSSAAQLTAARL KALGDELHORTMWRRRARSRRAPAPGALPTYWPWL.CAMAQVAALAANLLGRRNL What is the molecular weight of the molecule of harakiri protein based on the above amino acid sequence? The average molar mass of the amino acid is 110 g/mol. Edit View Insert Format Tools Table 12pt Paragraph BI? AT !


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