*Topic: Promoting Higher education to English as a second language students.

* Two part paper-

(1) An introduction that defines the issue or concern you are addressing and makes an immediate connection to the decision makers. A clear understanding of who the decision makers are and their backgrounds is essential. Do you need to convince the chief financial officer (CFO)? Then stress that you have quantifiable evidence. Perhaps you need to convince the chief information officer (CIO); then accurate, clear data will help you. Know what each wants to see and be certain you address that in the introduction. Use professional literature sparingly—use the most critical sources only and explain why each source is important for them to know (for example, anything by Knowles).

(2) Your proposal for a solution—in this case, implementing processes that support a learning organization, emphasizing adult learning theory and practice—and an explicit presentation of the benefits of your solution. Depending on the current state of your organization, you might need to promote change at multiple levels. Regardless of the number of changes, be concise and use simple graphics whenever possible—a great option is a flow chart clearly showing the new process versus the old. Another is a graph showing how existing funds can cover the changes. People usually prefer visuals to text; make visuals that convey the essential elements of your proposal, and use color and legible fonts. If your chart looks like a paragraph, it’s less likely to be read. Again, use professional literature only when it is critically important.


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