I will attach all the previous assignments as well. Again, please follow the same format as before.

For Assignment 4, you will be developing the pre-season and competition and/or tapering plans/phases, filling in the details, similar to what you did for Assignment 3, and based on the phase and cycle lengths from Assignment 2 with regards to the:

• specific training variables

• workouts

• competitions

These should include:

• the specific cycles involved

• the specific training variables within each cycle

• Include the specific details on the exercises performed

o volume

o intensity

o energy systems emphasized

o progression

o tests performed

For Assignment 4, you are also required to present your plan as a chart (or other visual) that can be easily followed by another coach or trainer.

• Please use at least 5 appropriate outside sources to help you develop this program. The worksheet, including visuals, must be submitted as a single WORD document, with citations and references in APA format.

• When completing the worksheet, please be sure to include appropriate scholarly, peer-reviewed references. Refer to the sample document if you need a refresher on how to include in-text citations within your worksheet.

• Be creative and have fun with this project!

The worksheet must include:

1. Minimum 5 appropriate peer-reviewed references

2. In-text APA citations & a reference list

3. Written in a scholarly tone

4. Charts/graphs (or other visuals)


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