What is the relevance of serial radiographs during interventional radiology procedures using contrast medium? What is a functional test that can help identify muscle loss?

Group of answer choices

Inability to tie shoes

Poor grip strength

Loss of memory

Loss of bladder control

2. If a patient’s kidneys are failing, which lab would you expect to see elevated?

Group of answer choices





3. A general rule for assessing a person’s weight is to:

Group of answer choices

Always measure first thing in the morning

Always measure height and weight – don’t ask

Make sure they don’t take medications before the visit

Tell the person to avoid consuming any liquids before the visit

4. What is a physical indication of dehydration?

Group of answer choices


Tight-fitting shoes

Dark-colored urine

Weight gain

5. If a patient on a special diet asks if he can have a fruited yogurt, how would the nurse respond?

Group of answer choices

look up on the internet if the food is allowed

look up if the food is allowed in the hospital diet manual

call the physician at home immediately

ask the patient’s daughter if he normally consumes it at home

6. What is the best outcome/goal for a patient with high blood pressure?

Group of answer choices

Patient will lose 10% body weight within 6 months.

The patient will follow a low sodium diet.

The patient’s blood pressure will be lower.

The patient will maintain blood pressure below 120/80 within the next 3 months.