This Essay is for the Contemporary Issues Class for an MA in Luxury Brand Management. The topic is : Made in china. It is a group project and my part is the first 3 pages (introduction and the issue why the production of european luxury products is being outsources to china) the overall question is wether products that are being produced in china by luxury companies can still be considered being luxurious or not. Please add also some historical point of why the production was outsourced to china and when. • Your report must demonstrate extensive and wide range research with evidence of critical thinking as well as theoretical framing.
Please make sure to include at least one Academic model/concept.
You have to show an Understanding of the impact of global contextual forces on organisations operating within the luxury market. This includes legal systems; ethical, economic, social and technological change issues.
Demonstrate critical thinking and creativity when analysing business and management issues. This includes organising thoughts, analysis, synthesis, and critical appraisal.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask me.