•Work on Steps 4-6 of your Concept Analysis.
◦As Walker and Avant have suggested, figuring out the defining attributes of your concept is an important part of the concept analysis process. Spend time thinking about which characteristics are essential to your concept. The goal is to have a well delineated list of attributes, with no duplication. Once you have those defining attributes figured out, you can write your three cases: model, contrary, and borderline. Refer to the Walker and Avant chapter for specific instructions related to writing your cases. Depending on your concept, you may be able to find examples of your cases in the literature and cite appropriately; but, more often, you will be creating your own cases to fit your specific defining attributes.
◦After the presentation of each of the three types of cases, write a short paragraph explaining how your case fits or illustrates the criteria as outlined in the Walker and Avant chapter. The length of this part of the analysis process will vary, depending on the number of attributes and the length of your cases/discussions. Aim for 4-6 typed pages.

Identifying uses of the concept: Has the student identified multiple uses of the concept from a variety of sources?
15 points
Moving Beyond Medicine/Nursing: Has the student identified uses of the concept outside of the traditional medicine/nursing perspective?
Paragraph Logical Coherence: Does each paragraph begin with a topic sentence? Do the sentences beyond the topic sentence flow logically from the first sentence?
Organization: Do the paragraphs build on each other in a logical way, one paragraph building on the next? Are there appropriate transitions between paragraphs?
APA format: Refer to APA book. Some examples include: title page; headings (as applicable); citations in text (as applicable) references (as applicable); quotations
Grammar: Does the student follow the rules of grammar (as described in the APA book) with few errors?
General formatting: Does the paper meet the length and margin requirements? Appropriate style and size of font? Very few quotes (1-2 total)?
Spelling, Editing/Proofing 10 Total 70