Individual Case Study Assignment

Cash flow forecasts and projected financial statements
For the following Individual Case Study, you assume the role of someone who has been asked to provide a Business Report for a group of friends who have invested in an organisation, Fashion Clothing. They had heard you are taking an Accounting and Finance Module and have asked for your advice.
The scenario
A group of friends have formed a new business called Fashion Clothing, an online and mail-order clothing business, in which they have invested £200,000 of their own capital. They intend to manufacture and sell quality clothes. They have set up the business and are selling direct to the final consumer, using a combination of aggressive marketing across a range of different media and also with the use of an automated Web site that accepts online orders. To support this, they also have a department of telephone sales and support staff ready to help customers. The sales staff work in teams and receive a basic salary plus commission for each successful sale. By the start of July 20X5, they have spent £150,000 on tangible non-current assets, and they currently have the remaining £50,000 in their business bank account.
They provide you with the following forecasted figures for their first 6 months of trading:
Sales for the next 6 months 1,350,000
Cost of the materials used up in sales 390,000
Labour costs for the 6 months 480,000
Other expenses for the 6 months, including marketing costs and £15,000 depreciation of tangible non-current assets 345,000
Materials purchased during the 6 months 520,000
Their projected cash receipts and payments are estimated to be as follows:
Month (20X5) Sales Receipts Payments for Materials Labour and Other Expenses
£ £ £
July 150,000 120,000 These payments are divided equally over each of the 6 months.
August 120,000 100,000
September 150,000 60,000
October 210,000 60,000
November 260,000 60,000
December 285,000 60,000
Totals 1,175,000 460,000
In addition to the above, they expect to have to pay a tax bill of £20,000 in December 20X5 and also plan to buy £30,000 additional tangible non-current assets in that same month. All transactions will go through their business bank account.
You are asked to provide a Business Report (1,000 words for the main body of the report) for the friends who have invested in Fashion Clothing, commenting on the business’ prospects and including the following five financial statements:
Since none of the investors have a background in accounting and finance, you should also explain what each of these statements means as a part of your report.
1. An opening statement of financial position at the start of July 20X5.
2. A monthly cash flow forecast, showing the bank balance at the end of each of the 6 months and indicating what level of overdraft facilities the friends need to negotiate with their bank manager. Explain what additional expense they should take into account as a result of needing this financial assistance (overdraft).
3. A projected income statement for the first 6 months of trading.
4. A projected statement of financial position for Fashion Clothing at the end of its first 6 months of operations.
5. A projected statement of cash flows for the first 6 months of trading.
Keep the following in mind:
1. Using a spreadsheet may help you to produce your cash flow forecast. Remember here that £150,000 of the initial £200,000 has already been spent.
2. Think carefully about the £15,000 depreciation charge when working out your monthly cash outflows for labour and other expenses.
3. Also think carefully about the figures for closing stocks (inventories), creditors (payables) and debtors (receivables).
4. Please remember that your qualitative analysis and explanation of your five statements are just as important as the calculations themselves. These, together with your presentation of a professional report, will contribute towards your grade for this assignment.
Ideally a business report should be produced with a suitable structure and quality of discussion around the following key areas:
Executive summary
Table of contents
List of figures
1. Introduction
2. Main financial findings.
2.1 Summary of the first 6 months business operations
2.2 Financial accounting statements
3. Analysis
3.1 Initial analysis in context of the three financial statements.
3.2 Investigations to increase efficiency
4. Conclusion
5. References
ANNEX I: Statement of financial position Fashion Clothing – 20X5
ANNEX II: Income statement Fashion Clothing – 20X5
ANNEX III: Statement of cash flows Fashion Clothing – 20X5
ANNEX IV: Projected cash flow statement for the first 6 months of trading