Please do not write this order in a normal way, I will write it again based on the points you gave me so please write it in POINT form or sentence form if it is easier for you. Since my understanding is not very good so please rather use more simple English.

The questions are at below:
1. Blue is the Warmest Color, book and film, are quite different in their endings.The film’s ambiguous end, in particular, borders on suggesting that Adele might be open to a heterosexual relationship; the book, on the other hand, forecloses any future possibilities by killing off Clem. Compare the two endings and argue in favor of one of them.

2. In her review essay “Orange is the Same White,” Anna Marie Smith writes: “Mass cultural products like Orange have become much more sophisticated, plural, and self-contradictory; they are endowed with multiple entry points and promote scores of parallel reception tracks. Their target audience is no longer the homogeneous nation, but the mash-ups of niche market audiences by the dozens. Orange is a successful show because it can be almost all things to almost all people” (New Political Science, 2015, 2). Agree? Disagree?