Martin Smith Case

Please review the attached case study and the three Powerpoint presentations. As you read over the materials, please consider how Martin should structure his presentation at the partners’ meeting. Among the issues you may wish to consider are:


  • Which company should he recommend?
  • Which uncertainties should he highlight?
  • Are there valuation issues that he should point out?
  • What organisational issues are likely to influence the partners’ decision?


Please choose one deal on Martin’s behalf.



TASK B – Written Paper (70 marks)


Using data gathered during presentation preparation, please submit an individual report elaborating on your presentation (or presenting another deal if you did not agree with your group). Your report should include a detailed analysis of pros and cons of the proposed transaction, taking into account both individual transaction merits and Newport’s situation – analysing also risks and merits of the transaction for you, Martin Smith.


In your analysis you need to present what type of a PE deal “your” transaction is.


This report should also contain about 500 words (included in the total count of 2,000) describing your key learning points acquired while working on this assignment. These learning points may also apply to your experience in working as a group, but should not be limited to it.


You should use online and library resources. If relevant, please support your argumentation with examples from real life. You should carefully document your use of sources of information, applying Harvard referencing system.


Your report should not exceed 2,000 words (attachments and footnotes are not included)