1. Discuss what is a criminological theory?
2. Discuss what is sub cultural theory?
3. Discuss/Explain why theft or stealing can be a problem in a small rural/urban community? (E.g. low soci-economic etc.)
4. How this type of crime can be controlled by law enforcement agencies?
5. How does the theory inform and assist law enforcement agencies in strategies to prevent this type of crime occurring?
6. What type of crime prevention strategies can be used to control this crime?
7. How do we apply the theory to prevent the crime practice?
8. Discuss in essay the main concepts of deviance, conformity, control and norms.

Websites for the above:


http://faculty.washington.edu/matsueda/Papers/Deterring.pdf (please summarize in 150 words and include in essay)

http://www.clydebankhigh.org.uk/New CHS Website/Files/modern studies/Adv Higher/Causes Effects of Crime/Articles-handouts/Strain Theory.pdf (summaries in 150 words and include in essay)

http://www.aic.gov.au/documents/E/1/A/{E1A7C03E-AE54-4F9D-B89A-B7C815BBDCA3}cptap.pdf ( summarize in 150 words and include in essay)