EDUC2321 Assessment 1: Specialist Assignment – Showcasing the Artist Within Questions 1 and 2 combined – 300 words, excluding references.

**Please refer to the EDUC2321 Assessment 1 Part 1 – Artist Log template Wk 5 file. This file contains details to what I want discussed

Responding, Relating and Reasoning: Questions 1. What workshop experience (reported in the context statement – produce a portrait in proportion using charcoal. Specifically focusing on how to draw facial features and developed skills to create an expressive portrait drawing. In addition, newspaper was applied to highlight differences in tone and value) stayed with you and why?

N.B draw on the connections between the workshop and your own skills and knowledge about art (This will involve using your observations, your opinions and any questions you might have about the experience.)

Reasons are provided as to why the experience was significant for you (e.g. was the experience primarily about making or responding, as indicated in the Australian Curriculum: Arts Content Strand Overview).

Reconstructing and Reasoning:
Question 2. How has your reported experience this week influenced what you would do in your educational practice with the arts in early childhood? (use your readings and curriculum documents to support the reasons you provide for your thinking).

N.B. reasons are provided for how this experience can be used to reconstruct or reframe your understanding and educational practice with the expressive arts in early childhood