Module Title: Oil & Gas Management
Format: Essay
Presentation: No
Any special
· All work should be submitted on the Student Portal along with
an acceptable Turnitin Report (with a score LESS THAN 15%)
· The Assignment should be written in the third person, in the
style of an Essay.
· The Assignment should NOT contain an Abstract, Executive
Summary, a Table of Contents, or a re-statement of the
Assignment Brief.
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· All your work should be referenced properly, using the
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Word Limit: 2,500 words (with 10% plus or minus leeway)
Deadline date for
Friday November 26th 2014 by 17:00 hours

Learning outcomes to
be examined in this
· Demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationship of the
factors affecting management performance in different sectors
of the worldwide oil and gas industry.
· Discuss the financial, commercial and contractual activities
used in the management worldwide oil and gas industry.
Percentage of marks
awarded for module:
This assignment is worth 50% of the total marks for the module
Assessment criteria Explanatory comments on the assessment
Maximum marks for
each section
Content, style,
relevance, originality
Clear demonstration of rigorous research
from recognised authoritative sources.
Audience focus. Structure, objectives,
meeting the deliverables, time and resource
Format, referencing,
Rigorously, using the Harvard method 10 %
Constructive critical
analysis, introduction,
Accuracy, full articulation of ideas developed.
Offering well-argued solutions and/or

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Assignment Task:

Joint Ventures – Marriage or Divorce? Case Study of TNK-BP

In 2003, with the blessing of both the British Prime Minister and the Russian
President, BP and a group of Russian oligarchs announced the creation of a
strategic partnership to hold their joint assets situated in Russia and Ukraine. This
event was the creation of the company TNK-BP.

This joint venture has never been far from the news, and in 2008 disputes over
corporate governance and future strategy emerged. The only oil company operating
in Russia with partial foreign control, it emerged that perhaps TNK-BP would be
prevented from developing new fields in Russia due to national security rules.

Nevertheless, this joint venture accounts for nearly one-quarter of BP’s oil production
and one-fifth of its reserves. Limited success, by bringing BP’s know-how and
technological expertise, boosted the output from the established fields from 1 million
bpd production to 1.4 million bpd by 2004.

Despite the issuance of a memorandum of understanding by the joint venture parties
in September 2008, the organisation has suffered from government intervention and
meddling, environmental disasters in Siberia, and an unsuccessful courtship with
Rosneft in 2011.

Write a 2,500-word essay on problems that have beset TNK-BP almost from the
initial creation until now. What happened, the reasons for the disputes and the
blame-game surrounding the corporate governance issues and the
environmental incidents?

Further, interpret and analyse the facts from your research to present an
exposition or commentary on how these disputes could have been prevented,
or whether the “marriage” was doomed to failure from the start and should
never have taken place.

Your own interpretations and conclusions from your researches are
fundamental. Supporting your own arguments in a robust and objective
manner will qualify for better marks than a simple re-statement of the data and
opinion found in the research.

IMPORTANT: There is no need for any detailed financial analysis or description of
TNK-BP’s operations; concentrate on the principles and cultural and corporate
differences. You should ensure that your essay brings the debate up-to-date with
events up to 2014.

Total marks for assignment: 100

Standard marking system for use when marking coursework assignments – for all
programmes at GSM.

UK% marks Characteristics.
Distinction 70%+ Very high standard of critical analysis using appropriate conceptual
Excellent understanding and exposition of relevant issues.
Clearly structured and logically developed arguments.
Good awareness of nuances and complexities.
Substantial evidence of well-executed independent research.
Excellent evaluation and synthesis of source material.
Relevant data and examples, all properly referenced.
Merit 69-60% High standard of critical analysis using appropriate conceptual
Clear awareness and exposition of relevant issues.
Clearly structured and logically developed argument.
Awareness of nuances and complexities.
Evidence of independent research.
Good evaluation and synthesis of source material.
Relevant data and examples, all properly referenced.
Pass 59-50% Uses appropriate conceptual frameworks.
Attempts analysis but includes some errors and /or omissions.
Shows awareness of issues but no more than to be expected room
attendance at classes.
Arguments reasonably clear but underdeveloped.
Insufficient evidence of independent research.
Insufficient evaluation of source material.
Some good use of relevant data and examples but incompletely
Pass 49-40% Adequate understanding of appropriate conceptual frameworks.
Answer too descriptive and or any attempt at analysis is superficial
containing errors and omission.
Shows limited awareness of issues but also some confusion.
Arguments not particularly clear.
Limited evidence of independent research and reliance on a
superficial repeat of class notes.
Relatively superficial use of relevant data sources and examples and
poorly referenced.
E 39-30% Weak understanding of appropriate conceptual frameworks. Weak
analysis and several errors and omissions.
Establishes a few relevant points but superficial and confused
exposition of issues.
No evidence of independent research and poor understanding of class
notes or no use of relevant data, sources and examples and no