the case study analysis assessment is required to apply theory to a real -world example. the assignment is to reinforce the applicability of theory to practical situation.

it is analysing a given case study in four particular issues so there is no need for further research about the company.

Dear writer,
Please see the instructions below.
1- Please see the case study guideline as it has the requirements for the assignment and to be read carefully.
2- There is no need for further research about Nike as a company because the case study has everything about what Nike is doing.
3- There are four issue that to be considered and they are written in the case guideline.
4- At the end of the case guideline there is a table of marking criteria which the assignment going to be marked according to, so the assignment to be written depending on this criteria.
5- Dear writer, please as I paid the highest amount, I am looking for the best quality.
6- I have uploaded required and useful readings and to be used in the assignment.
7- The references should be from reliable journals or books.
8- The analysis is based on the case study provided.
9- The references are in UTS Harvard style.
10- The paper include: introduction, body 1 issue 1, body 2 issue 2, body 3 issue 3 , body 4 issue four, conclusion. And references lists not included in the word counts
Please feel free to contact me if there is any issue.