Case study

SYNOPSIS: Read the case and provide a brief overview of the situation. Identify the main players, the organization, and the context for the case. Do not retell the case in detail but give a short summary of the main events and people. (3/4-1page)


SYMPTOMS:From a perceptual, emotional and behavioural perspective (Symptoms to be identified under these three categories),identify the indicators, signs or signals that there is something wrong. Usually these are quite noticeable(You can see them). They are usually problematic but not the problem or issue. In terms of management principles, these are usually systemic/operational or behavioural in nature, but for the purposes of this case, we will consider them from a perceptual, emotional, or behavioural, perspective. Explain how these theories or concepts apply to your case study.


            Behavioural: increasing turnover, increasing number or intensity of conflicts, low morale, poor job satisfaction, etc.


            Cognitive: A manager sees an employee’s poor performance as being based on the generation to which they belong.


Note:                          when identifying the symptoms, take the point of view of an outsider looking in at the situation. You are acting as a consultant.


Medical Example: You have runny eyes and nose, a cough, you sneeze, you aren’t sleeping well, and you are always tired. These things continue so you go to the doctor and describe these “Symptoms.”