The essay is simply analyzing, comparing and contrasting common literary elements from ANY THREE of these short stories (YOUR CHOICE):

1. �A Rose for Emily� by William Faulkner

2. �There Will Come Soft Rains� by Ray Bradbury

3. �The Mending Wall� by Robert Frost

4. �Salvation� by Langston Hughes

5. �Luncheon in the Grass� by Carl Phillips

6. �Shooting an Elephant� by George Orwell

7. �The Chrysanthemums� by John Steinbeck

8. �To Build a Fire� by Jack London

9. �Cat in the Rain� by Ernest Hemingway

10. �Where are you going; where have you been..� by Joyce Carol Oates

Which ever three of these short stories the writer feels more comfortable with writing is absolutely fine. I cannot stress enough. The essay MUST contain THREE (not two, or four) of the short stories aforementioned.