(1) An annotated resource list which covers the material (of part thereof) that will be used for the essay (books, media texts, reports, articles, chapters, websites etc). Each listing should provide full bibliographical details, as well as a brief description of how it will be useful for the major essay. Each description should be approximately 100 words. There should be no less than 6 listings, and no more than 10.
(2) An essay outline which presents the main argument of the essay, as well as the main points that will be discussed. This is to be approximately 250 words long and may be presented through either bullet-points or a paragraph.
This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
• Demonstrate a heightened capacity for independent research of text-based and audio-visual media
• Demonstrate sharpened academic writing skills
• Synthesize the studied material
This is an essay plan, and each reference has one point about 100 words.