Dear Writer,

This assignment is crucial because it’s my final paper; therefore I need a great job done on it.


For this paper I need “Biopsychosocial” based on the movie (“Sybil 1976) The actor in the movie is Sally Field, so you will have to do the research to find the movie to do this paper. I need you to assess the movie and do a biopsychosocial on the character Sybil based on the chapter pages I sent you.

You will begin on Box 1.4 from the chapter and address all that pertains to Sybil. You will go down the list using subheadings (example: Identifying information) from the chapters as you go answering each information. Only use what pertains to Sybil in the movie. You may not find it all but be thorough in the answers you find for her.



Name: Sybil

Address: 201 Wost 4th street (this is the actual address so put this address in the paper)

Willow Corners, Wisconsin


Here is the outline for the paper use for the subheadings and how the paper is to be organized.


Identifying information


Nature of presenting problem




Social Support Network




Treatment Plan






Please look at sample of how to do biopsychosocial if you don’t know how to do it. I need this to be great.



Reference the chapter I have included so that you can answer all the questions and create a biopsychosocial.


I need 4-5 pages and the only references should be the book I Have sent and the movie.