Are you for or against?

Descartes Dulism

Select an opponent for dualism from these options:

Darwin & Dennett : Monism
Sartre’s Existentialism : Nihilism

Instructions: Write a one page essay in which you:

State your thesis for or against Cartesian dualism.
Select (and include in your thesis) an opponent for Cartesian dualism from the list above.
Clarify the basis/criteria of your argument, e.g. logical, rational, parsimonious, common-sensical, etc.

EXAMPLE: “In this paper I will argue Cartesian dualism offers a more parsimonious explanation of reality than Darwinian monism.”

Make one argument for your position and refute your opposition’s best argument. NOTE: there should be a direct clash between the argument for and the argument against.
Use any textual sources assigned in this course in the composition of your essay. Indicate the pages numbers, e.g. (23) for all references to text.
Add support or criticisms based on (at least one of the following): example, counter-example, analogy, thought-experiment.


• One page limit means keep it on one side of one piece of paper with standard margins.

• All written work for this class must be typed, single-spaced, font 11 or 12, with paragraph indentation, and must include a header with name, assignment #, due date, and section number. No cover pages please.

• Essays handed in late will be assigned a 10% penalty, per day, beginning on the day it is due, at the beginning of class. You must have a hard copy in hand at the start of the period for your assignment to count as on time. If you are absent from class, then e-mail your paper before class & bring a hard copy to the next class. Be sure when you hand in the paper late that you confirm with me in person when the late clock stopped.