Hello, can you please help me? I need you to write a report for me based on an article, the word limited should not exceed 1000 words. The moduke consists of two courseworks, i finished coursework 1, so you need to take care of CW2, instead of doing a group presentation as it is shown in the gudiline I need to do a report on my own, please do your best to enable me to pass that module, unfortunately i cannot give this paper for feedback to my tutor which means i have to submit it right away on friday april 3rd, please be concentrated and follow exactly the instructions. I will upload the guidelines for the complete module and my work on corusework 1, that you can see what i have done so far, you only have to write an report for coursework 2

This is the article that i am supposed to write an report about: (Neworking Role in Organizations – conerning ist simplicity & shortness)

Show that you have read the article and understand the content – provide a summary of the key findings.
o Provide information on how you sourced the article
o Provide some judgement of what you think of the quality of the article – is it well written?
o How valuable is it? Is it well-researched?
o Knowledge of the paper
o Referencing skills
o Reflection on what you all learn about working as a team.