My paper was written by this company and my professor gave feedback saying this is not what she was expecting. I will attach the paper along with the feedback notes.

My professor finally gave feedback on the paper and is requesting that somethings be changed. I will attach her edits and comments to this msg

Her Feedback :

I have made some comments on your draft and they are attached. My primary concern is that you have not clearly established what your project is about. You appear to be referring to post-acute providers as individual practitioners and that is not the focus. The issue is how a health plan or hospital can determine who to refer patients to after an acute care stay or who to include in a full continuum network. The issue is not the individual nurse or doctor, but which organization provides the best quality.

In addition, you have not adequately distinguished between accreditation, licensure and credentialing (in both the tradition context as well as the context that is the subject of this paper).

Most importantly, You need to look at the methodology and execution of a literature review if you are going to rely on that as you primary research tool.