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The paper is a comprehensive study on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of companies in the UK food sector. Also, the research evaluates how corporate social responsibility has performed in the food industries of the UK and its impact on routine organizational activities. Adherence to corporate social is important since the company demonstrates its adherence to the ethical requirements of the business, and the need to engage in corporate social responsibility is a legal requirement by the United Kingdom government. In the current financial world, business success measured not only in terms of profitability but also on the adherence to corporate social responsibility. This study includes research from various secondary sources, which include government publications on the related topic, articles, journals, and magazines that cover the subject of research. The research study method involved was a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods. The study showed that CSR is increasingly getting recognized by the variety of companies in the food sector in the UK. The study also provided final recommendations and measures that can get set up to ensure that the particular topic group gets its issues addressed.?
To my Father and Mother
This project would not have been achieved without the aid of various people. Special thanks to my advisor, professor “Name” for the countless times he read my revisions and shone more clarity on the fulfillment of this tasking project. I would also like to extend a grateful hand to my classmates as they were essential in the completion of this project. I would also like to thank the university for awarding me a dissertation completion platform and also providing the finances required to ensure that this project got completed. Finally, I would like to thank my family and close friends who stuck through me all through the tough times and the hustles of completing the project. They were a pillar of strength, offered the support needed and the love while also pushing me to my limits.
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Research design does refer to the plan on how one wants to answer a research question. One the other hand, research methodology refers to the strategy used to work out the project provided. Research design and methodology are closely related. However, the two have a contrasting difference. A research design aids one in answering the research question provided with ease. For this particular research study, there was the implementation of a mixed type of research method?the first part of this study comprised of a sequence of structured questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. Semi-structured interviews did allow new ideas to be brought about during the interview conducted and had a framework of themes to be explored. This particular research uses both quantitative and qualitative methods and also incorporates primary and secondary sources. Both the qualitative and quantitative data and data analysis got sewn together; thus, they complement each other (De Block and Vis 2019). The area of study that got carried gets exclusively covered under this chapter.
Qualitative Research
Qualitative research involves an interpretative and naturalistic approach to the subject concerned. Being a qualitative researcher, one gets to study the subject of the research while in their natural setting. All that gets done while also attempting to make sense of the theme and interpreting the thesis in a way that the people give it a meaning. The method of research involves observation to gather non-numerical data. It is more of a case study, an introspection, or a life story. Qualitative research is an exhaustive process that has rigorous inquiries into the social world aspects (Tricco et al. 2016). Qualitative research does provide formal statements and frameworks that are conceptual while offering a whole new different angle into how we understand the world in terms of the subject. Qualitative research is a useful tool for those who work around learning while adjusting to the pressures of the social world.