Course Name: Visual Culture and Colonialism
Assignment : Final Essay Proposalÿ
The proposal is a one-page outline of your final essay topic (please see the description for the final essay below), with the image attached. It should consist of a description of the image, the reason you chose it, how it fits with the course theme, which concept/s from the course you will use to analyze it, and at least 3 references beyond the weekly course readings that speak to your image or topic (these couldÿ
provide background information on the context of the image, and/or elaborate further on the concepts you are using).
final essay description:
8-10 page paper that examines an image (film, artwork, advertisement, photograph, etc) or display (exhibition, museum, theme park etc) in relation to the visual culture of colonialism, using any of theÿ
concepts covered in class: gender, the picturesque, the ethnographic gaze, the ?world as picture?, collecting, commodity culture, race,ÿ
neocolonialism, etc. This could be a colonial image/display or an instance from contemporary visual culture. Again, you are expected to go beyond the readings assigned in class; your image analysis willÿ
also require substantial independent research, so for both you should budget adequate time.
Course topics are listed below:
Week 1 Introduction: mapping colonialism
Week 2 Commodities and advertising
Week 3 Colonial imaginaries: Orientalism
Week 4 Challenging Orientalismÿ
Week 5, Postcards, the picturesque, and gender
Week 6 Photography
Week 7 The ethnographic gaze
Week 8 Cinema
Week 9 Exhibition and display
Week 10 Museums and collecting
Week 11 Neocolonialism, cultural imperialism
Week 12 Speciesism and the question of the animal