THE TASK ENTAILED ANSWERING Interview questions for PhD Admission IN Environmental studies and Forestry. THE QUESTIONS INCUDED:
1. What would you see as your top three priorities as a one-year fixed term faculty member at BSU?
2. What is your approach to recruiting and advising students, particularly students from communities that are
historically underrepresented in the Environmental Studies work force?
3. Describe 2-3 Environmental Studies field activities you would like to take your students on?
4. Describe your experiences working with marginalized students, especially Native American students. How
have these experiences helped you to identify challenges and develop capacity to have successful outcomes
working with marginalized students?
5. Describe the research program you would like to develop here at Bemidji State University. How would you
incorporate this research into the undergraduate courses you teach, with the realization that you are applying for
a one-year fixed term position?
6. Do you have any questions for us?