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The project is a custom solution for the Peter Faber Business School to automate the peer review process of their assessment guides. Currently, the institution uses an archaic system to follow up on how assessments are created and peer-reviewed to ensure that they are of high quality. As of now, there are four key stakeholders in the assessment creation and review department. Before an assessment is accepted by the school, the discipline head, the national lecturer-in-charge, the learning and teaching liaison, and the peer reviewer must all co-operate through constant communication to realize it. The school requires each stakeholder to perform their specific tasks, stay in contact with each other, and share documents seamlessly among themselves. The created system is a web application based on java, java servlet, and JavaServer Pages. The team used technologies such as git, Figma, MySQL, JSTL, and Tomcat. Although challenges such as novelty to project management were encountered, after assailing the hurdles, the team ultimately added a myriad of useful skills to their repertoire.