THIS TASK WAS ABOUT THE EXPERIENCES OF WHITE SERVANTS, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS INDENTURED SERVANTS, IN THE AMERICAN COLONIES DURING THE 17TH AND 18TH CENTURIES. WHILE THE FATE OF BLACK PEOPLE HAS BEEN DISCUSSED AT LENGTH IN DIFFERENT MEDIA SOURCES, THE EXPERIENCES OF WHITE SERVANTS IS LESS WELL KNOWN. THE FACT IS THAT WHITE SERVANTS WERE SUBJECTED TO THE SAME KIND OF INHUMAN TREATMENT THAT THEIR BLACK COUNTERPARTS EXPERIENCED UNTIL THE WHITE MASTERS WHO HAD PURCHASED THEM DECIDED TO RAISE THEM TO MORE EXALTED WORK-RELATED POSITIONS. after being shipped to the island of barbados in the early 1600s, BLACK SLAVES AND WHITE INDENTURED SERVANTS WORKED ALONGSIDE EACH OTHER AND HELPED EACH OTHER TO COPE WITH THEIR DIRE surroundings as much as they could. This was a cause for concern among the white slave owners who began to dread the riots which would OCCASIONALLY be staged by black slaves alongside white indentured servants. The slave owners decided to try and create acrimony between the black slaves and white indentured servants in order to destroy any possibility of cooperation between them. In 1661, the Assembly of Barbados elected to codify the rights of White indentured servants. The African slaves, though, would still be perceived as property under Barbados law. The White rulers of Barbados also created rules that criminalized any personal relationships between White people and Black people. White Indentured servants would henceforth serve as household workers, while black people were left to toil in the fields with no pay. It is these developments, which were enshrined in the Barbadian Code of Laws of 1652, that finally succeeded in creating animosity between White indentured servants and black slaves. The slave owners then went on to appoint taskmasters who would oversee the discipline of errant Black slaves. In this way, the white slave owners succeeded in turning white indentured servants against Black slaves in 16th century barbados.