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I am writing to express my intense interest to pursue a Master’s in Electrical Engineering at your institution. I graduated at the Jose Antonio Echeverria in 2013. Since then, I have worked incessantly to gain more knowledge and experience in Biomedical engineering and acquire high-order skills in this area of specialty. However, despite my years of experience, I consider myself an underachiever because I am yet to attain the levels of excellence I have always aspired to reach. I believe that your organization will provide a nurturing learning environment that will enable me to achieve professional self-actualization, which Dmitrienko et al. distinguish from other basic human needs due to its resultative efficacy in accelerating people’s personal and professional growth (164). I consider myself an ideal fit for your educational institution.
I have exceptional communication skills that I have acquired while working as a customer outreach specialist in MASTEC Inc., an aggregate quality control technician in Titan America, an electro-medicine specialist at an oncology hospital in Havana, an inventory-receiving clerk at Urban Outliners and equipment design research assistant in Havana, professions that demand much communication and collaboration between professionals. The work environments have allowed me to interact with individuals from heterogeneous racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, allowing me to gain a profound understanding and appreciation of individual differences. I tend to create a positive rapport with my colleagues, a quality that I consider obligatory for all individuals in this line of work. My outstanding attributes make me a team player who treats other individuals with much sensitivity and one who values their ideas because I think that people can achieve multiple goals within a short period when they collaborate compared to when they work solo.
My interest in pursuing a Master’s in Electric engineering after attaining an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering has perplexed many. I chose to pursue the latter to understand the human body and identify the underlying mechanisms of different medical conditions, so that I could help save lives. Working as a biomedical engineer at an oncology center intensified my other passion for electrical engineering because cancer ranks highest among the causes of mortality and the lack of well-functioning oncology equipment impedes early treatment and decreases the chances of survival among cancer patients (Zaorsky et al. 400). I believe I can achieve multiple goals as an Electrical engineer since in can repair hospital equipment and take steps to improve the way they function, to attain more accur