My overarching ambition is to hold a ministerial position in the Government, so that I can make a significant contribution to accomplishing the Saudi Arabian 2030 vision of a prosperous sustainable economy, no longer dependent on the historical oil wealth. A master?s degree in Project Management will enhance the practical knowledge and skills that I have developed during recent work assignments with the Jabal Omar Development Company, based in Makkah. My role as a project engineer with the Company?s hospitality division provided a unique experience to participate in one its largest projects, the construction of the Al Faisaliah Smart City sustained by renewable energy sources. To date, I have worked on three phases of the seven stage project, which will ultimately provide homes and leisure activities for 6.5 million people, a smart transport infrastructure, a government complex, and commercial and industrial units. My strategic and operational management skills were vital to the success of the project phases, specifically master planning and effective implementation of the strategy by means of the effective monitoring and control procedures.