Ethical Issues Facing Engineers and their Profession
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Ethical Issues Facing Engineers and their Profession
The professional society?s preparation to assume the core responsibility fundamental to professional ethics is crucial, especially in the engineering industry. Without sufficient training in professional ethics, people may not be expected to trust those who appear as ?professionals?; whether the expertise and power they possess will be used for the common good. Since many of our difficulties may not be resolved without professional assistance, there are those who acquire broad knowledge that have chosen to become abusive. People must have the assurance that professionals will not take advantage of their technical expertise to ignore what the majority have valued or undermine any significant societal interests. Thus, the instilling professional ethics must be considered a critical part in the career of every professional. Put more strongly, practicing professional ethics must be equally important as the performing technical works, since continuous scandals of the unethical activities from a wide variety of professional industry have been clearly executed.