Reading Journals
Journal 1: If Einstein Had Been a Surfer
In this short volume, If Einstein Had Been a Surfer: A Surfer, a Scientist, and a Philosopher discuss an “Everything Wave Theory” or “Theory of Everything”, Peter Kreeft has altered discussions between a Muslim philosopher, scientist, and a poet who surfs. Their discussions emanate from The Theory of Everything (TOE). Since TOE has not been acknowledged, they look to compare, combine, and contrast their different information, knowledge, and encounters to attempt to fashion another way to deal with it. This helps them to address issues such as the brain and mind, rationale and instinct, the third eye, God, synchronicity, and, surfing and waves. In this poly-discipline conversation, they investigate whether a TOE is even practically open as a set of equations. Maybe as people are parts of everything, it is important to consider a hypothesis about it comprehensively. Conversely, maybe, we cannot lessen our universe down to a TOE in any capacity since it is unchangeable.
The troika shuffles these speculations and others. They propose that water (which involves 70% of our bodies and 70% of the world’s surface) and waves may give a way to going into the riddle of the establishments of our universe. Perhaps, similarly as waves are obvious in the subatomic domains, (for example, in the electromagnetic range), in our experimental encounters on earth (the sea) and in galactic perceptions and hypotheses (gamma and gravity waves), we may one day set up that waves are in actuality the reason for everything, vitality and matter, in our universe. The three notice one late hypothesis by a physicist/surfer named Garrett Lisi that set up an establishment for binding together the electromagnetic, solid, and weak powers without string hypothesis and utilizing just four measurements. They do not specify some ongoing work by Milo Wolff (Exploring the Physics of the Unknown Universe: An Adventurers Guide and Schrodinger’s Universe and the Origin of the Natural Laws), Geof Hazelhurst and others on a TOE with standing waves at its middle.