Admission Statement
What is professional nursing?
Researchers have varying views and findings on ideal professional nursing. In my research, nursing is an indispensable service in the healthcare system globally. With technological advancement in the medical, I am greatly drawn to find out and express my views on what professional nursing is.
I have always had a passion for a nursing career and I think professional nursing is the adherence to the code of conduct and ethos as stipulated by the particular health facility. However, my opinion is tentative depending on the location, situation and time across the world. I believe professional nursing begins with the ability of a nurse can follow orders and rules from his or her supervisor or employer. If a nurse is defiant to orders and rules, he or she is most likely to mishandle the patient?s needs.
The nurse will handle their roles as they deem fit not as expected as the employer to provide patient satisfaction and enhance their healing. It is unprofessional for a nurse to be rude to their patients, supervisors or employers, be late in their duties, dress and handling their patients inappropriately. In worse situation abuse their patients physically, sexually or emotionally.
I think that professional nursing also involves how an individual carries themselves in and out of their work environment. Self-respect is very important and directly affects relationships at home and in the work environment. Nurses with self-respect are regarded highly and can be trusted with patients?