**Please note this project has to follow with the incomplete part of writing**
**Please read the Module guideline and submission format template **
**Reference might prefer to journals / reports**
1.continue to write up / amend Methodology – start to deal with from primary research sampling method, analysis method, presentation method and pilot test. – Structured interview with frequent travelers (individual 5 to 6 travellers in Hong Kong, anonymous)-Please provide the list of questions for the interview at the appendix
2.Interview Result analysis and discussion – travelers perceptive of adopting hotel smartphone application for room booking.
3.discuss with the identified questions and project objectives mentioned in the “unfinished part” doc
4. the strategic analysis report could provide the background of the chosen case, and please refer to the case when writing up .
5. Please make use of the suggested literature at the bibliography during write up discussion section, otherwise, all NEW SOURCES has to be covered in Literature review before apply in the body.
6.If have any problem about the suggested topic please contact me at anytime !